What is T1 Internet

What is T1 Internet

We are always asked, What is T1 Internet? Below we will share as much info
that we can to help you understand what this kind of connection is all about.

T1 lines are also known as DS1 (digital signal 1) lines. In the early days of telecom
they were used between telephone company central offices because they could
handle 24 voice calls at one time. When the Internet started to become popular
they were sold to companies who needed the most reliable connections possible.
The bandwidth speed, is 1.54 MB (mega bits per second). It should be understood
that it is mega bits, not mega bytes. The T1 designation actually refers to the local
loop portion of the line, so T1s can be used for Internet or private line wide area
networks. Multiple lines can be combined for higher bandwidth, these are known
as bonded T1s and they can go up to as many as 12 lines, if there are no better
choices available at the service location. Most T1s will range in cost from $300 to
$500 per month. Dedicated Ethernet lines are replacing T1s in many metro areas.

Below are high bandwidth lines with the related information.
T1 - 1.544 megabits per second (24 DS0 lines) Ave. cost $300.-$500./mo.
T3 - 43.232 megabits per second (28 T1s) Ave. cost $4,000.-$15,000./mo.
OC3 - 155 megabits per second (100 T1s) Ave. cost $15,000.-$25,000./mo.
OC12 - 622 megabits per second (4 OC3s) no estimated price available
OC48 - 2.5 gigabits per seconds (4 OC12s) no estimated price available
OC192 - 9.6 gigabits per second (4 OC48s) no estimated price available

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