T1 Internet Access Connection Rate Quotes

T1 Internet Access Connection Rate Quotes

We provide T1 Internet access connection rate quotes for business
who need dedicated lines at the lowest rates. Most T1 lines range
in cost from $225 to $469 per month. These rates include managed
routers on a 3 year term length with no install fees. Most metro locations
qualify for the lower rates and rural locations will cost more, due to the higher
local loop costs. T1 lines are not for everyone and the only reason to consider
one is if you need a highly reliable dedicated connection all the time.

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T1 Internet Access Connection Rate Quotes

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In many metro areas you will find that a T1 line is not the fastest line available.
Cable lines generally deliver higher downstream and comparable upstream
speeds. Unfortunately, cable and DSL are shared services and the bandwidth
available will vary throughout the day, with outages much more common than
with a T1 line. The differences in cost are worlds apart and you should only
consider a T1 line if there is nothing else available.

e directly represent the top national providers and will deliver multiple
quotes with one simple request from you. There is no fee for our quote
services and we will not share your contact info with any outside company.

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