T1 Internet Connection Research Information

T1 Internet Connection Research Information

We provide T1 Internet connection research information for people and
business users who need to learn more about T1 lines in order to help them
make a decision if this is the right kind of line for your situation.

A T1 line is a high speed digital connection capable of transmitting data at a
rate of approximately 1.544 million bits per second. A T1 line is typically used
by small and medium sized companies with heavy network traffic. It is large
enough to send and receive large files, graphics and databases. Sometimes
referred to as a leased line, a T1 is normally too expensive for home use.

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The speed of a T1 line is not always faster than other options like cable or
high speed DSL. The feature that makes a T1 desirable in many situations
is the reliability. A dedicated T1 line is always on and it has no limits to the
total data transfer that can take place. It will deliver 1.5 MB up and down,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, cable and DSL do not deliver that reliability.

At this time, we are seeing rates for T1 lines range between $225 per month
and $469 per month, with lower rates in metro areas, getting higher as you
move into rural areas.
We work directly with the top national carriers and we
multiple quotes with one simple request from you. There is no fee for
our quote
services and we do not share your contact info with anyone.

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