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We provide MPLS Internet service provider rate quotes for business users
who need the flexibility that a Multi Protocol Label Switching connection will
deliver. Basically, you can put both private line and Internet access on the
same line. Voice and data traffic can also be easily combined. This type of
connection is delivered on lines ranging from T1 up to Gigabit Ethernet.
Cable and DSL lines can also be used, but due to the lower service levels
involved, we do not encourage their use.

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MPLS Internet Service Provider Rate Quotes

You can also call us at 800-400-2246 for a free consultation. We welcome
your call and will save you time and money locating the best connection.

Pricing for MPLS lines is pretty straight forward, the only difference is that
you need to establish how much bandwidth goes to the private line portion
and how much goes to the dedicated Internet portion. The local loop part
of the rate is calculated the same way any other connection is calculated.

We work with the top national providers and know how to obtain the lowest
rate on your behalf. All lines are contracted directly between you and the
carrier, we do not resell anything.
We will deliver multiple competitive quotes
with one simple request from you and there is no fee for our quotation
 services. We do not share your contact info with any outside company
 and we will not take up too much of your valuable time.

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